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How To Watch PBS Without Cable

Do you know that you can watch PBS for free in HD? In the contemporary society of online streaming and cable and satellite TV, OTA (over-the-air) television is losing its foothold in terms of providing entertainment and is forgotten by individuals.

Now you would wonder what the connection between OTA and free Public Broadcasting Service content is. The OTA is one of the free and major ways to watch PBS without Cable. It’s true that people with a pay TV service can access thousands of content and hundreds of channels for their entertainment. The oldest method of television transmission, however, is OTA. It delivers material directly to your TV using an antenna using strong radio waves.

Furthermore, the best thing about OTA television is that, like radio, as long as your equipment is set up to receive it, it is entirely free. Additionally, PBS is one of the networks available to watch OTA. Thus, you don’t need a cable membership or an internet streaming provider.

Therefore, to inform the unknown, TV Activate Help will take you over everything you need to know about OTA TV and cover the requirements for starting your free PBS subscription.

What PBS Channels are Available?

There are various PBS or PBS-affiliated channels that you can find on OTA based on where you live. The following are those stations:

  • PBS – The main Public Broadcasting Service channel carries nationwide programming. Furthermore, it has PBS coverage of several live sports, events, news, and more content.
  • PBS Kids – Launched back in 1994, PBS Kids is focused on children’s programming. Additionally, it features educational shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Arthur, and Wild Kratts.
  • World – Formerly known as PBS World, World is still available on many PBS stations. By virtue of the name, you can assume that it focuses on news and documentaries. Plus, it emphasizes broadcasting international affairs.
  • Create – Create is focused on how-to and DIY programming for some infotainment. Plus, it has home improvement shows and cooking programs. PBS contributes to this channel; it carries on many affiliate stations. 
  • MHz Worldview – International newscasts, musical performances, and foreign-language plays are the primary programming of MHz Worldview. However, it is not an affiliate of PBS; member stations frequently air it.


If you live in an area that supports over-the-air PBS broadcasts, you will also be able to receive most of the aforementioned channels as well. PBS stations often employ “multiplex” technology to stream various media via one OTA signal.

How to Watch PBS Online and Over the Air Without Cable

Watch PBS Online and Over the Air Without Cable

Now that you know what channels and genres of programs you can expect from PBS. Let’s look at the options for watching PBS programming without cable. 


You can watch PBS for free over the air with an antenna, through the PBS Video app, which is available across various platforms, or by subscribing to YouTube TV, the only streaming service bundle that includes it.


  • YouTube TV

Your first choice for watching Public Broadcasting Service without cable among the skinny-bundle options is YouTube TV. YouTube TV apps are available on many different platforms. The service offers a free trial if you want to try it before purchasing a subscription.


  • Free Over-the-Air TV

A free over-the-air antenna might be your best if you want to watch PBS. Furthermore, there are several TV antenna solutions available if you want to watch PBS and other broadcast channels over the air. Take into account how far your residence is from the PBS transmitter in your area, its direction, and any potential barriers that might stand in the way of your transmission.


  • PBS Video

The last resort to get PBS for free without the cable is through the official application. On your TV, phone, or tablet, PBS offers content on demand with the PBS Video digital streaming app. Furthermore, It will allow you to watch content for free, while you can obtain more content by upgrading to the PBS Passport premium tier.


That’s all there is to know about the process of watching PBS without cable for free. We hope you find the above-mentioned information helpful. 


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