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Crunchyroll is a streaming service that every anime fanatic can’t get enough of. It offers an extensive content variety of Asian and Japanese anime and simulcasted English-dubbed shows. Furthermore, it’s a cross-platform streaming service that users can get on several devices by activating it from the URL. 


Additionally, if you are looking for a way to accomplish that, this activation guide by TV Activate Help will assist you. After that, you can stream content like your favorite dramas and anime shows anytime you want.

Crunchyroll Compatible Devices

Here’s a list of all the devices that are compatible with Crunchyroll. You can get a better streaming experience by using one of these.


Xbox 360

Xbox One

Apple iOS

Apple TV

Android Phone

Roku Box

Fire TV

PlayStation 4

Create Your Account

The account creation process for Crunchyroll is straightforward. Furthermore, it is just like the usual website signup. Additionally, a login account is necessary to complete the activation. Therefore, to learn how to create one, follow the below directions:

On Desktop

The procedure for account creation on the desktop goes like this:

  • First, go to the Crunchyroll signup page using a secure web browser.
  • Next, enter your email address, username, gender, and birthday.
  • Now, select a premium account and sign up for the 14-day trial. Alternatively, you can choose a free subscription.

On Mobile

The procedure for account creation on a smartphone goes like this:

  • First, visit on your smartphone browser. 
  • On that portal, substitute your email address, username, gender, and birthday.
  • Now, select a premium account and sign up for the 14-day trial. Alternatively, you can choose a free subscription.


Most of Crunchyroll’s titles are accessible with free accounts; however, they feature advertising. Usually, there is a before, one, two, and after the advertisement. There are many, occasionally bothersome, but they do let you watch anime for free.

Activate Crunchyroll on a Smartphone

Smartphones are one of the most handy techs in the world. Furthermore, you can probably access and activate everything on it if you know how to. To learn the process for the Crunchyroll activation, stick to the following directions: 

  • Start by launching the Play Store or App Store on your respective handset and search for “Crunchyroll.”
  • Next, download and install the application on your smartphone.
  • Tap the “Login” option on the screen to start the activation after it has finished downloading.
  • Now, enter your email address or username and password, and finish the login process by clicking Sign In.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to sign in and make your Crunchyroll collection.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Apple TV?

You can follow the direction mentioned below to stream Crunchyroll on Apple TV to get the best viewership experience. Furthermore, they are relatively easy to follow and accomplish the same: 

  • First, open the App Store on your home screen.
    Next, using the search tab, look for the Crunchyroll app.
  • Now, launch the Crunchyroll application after installation and press the login button to continue.
  • Consequently, an activation code will show up on your display.
  • After that, access a smart device and launch a secure browser on it.
  • Using that, visit www URL.
  • Here, enter your activation key on the screen. Then, click “Submit” to complete the activation.
    Crunchyroll is now available on Apple TV.

Crunchyroll Activation on Roku

Here are the instructions to activate Crunchyroll on your Roku device. Follow the below as directed to enable streaming on Roku: 

  • Firstly, open the Crunchyroll channel on your Roku device and press the “login” button. 
  • Following that, connect your account by clicking the “Link” button. 
  • Consequently, you’ll receive an activation code on the screen.
  • Next, visit activate on a different device using a web browser.
  • Log in on that portal using your Crunchyroll credentials, then substitute the Roku code.
  • Further, click “Submit,” and you are set to stream the latest episodes of your favorite Demon Slayer. 

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Amazon Fire TV?

This section entails the complete procedure to activate Crunchyroll on Amazon Fire Stick. Adhere to the same as prompted to get practical results:

  1. Power on your FireTV Stick device. Then look for the Crunchyroll app in the app store.
  2. Next, download and install the app on the device.
  3. Now, launch the application and tap on the sign-in option.
  4. Consequently, you’ll get an activation code on your display. Copy that code.
  5.  After that, access URL on a secure browser.
  6. On that portal, substitute the activation code and click the “Submit” button afterward.
  7.  After completing the activation, you can start using Amazon Fire TV to play Crunchyroll.].

Crunchyroll Activation on PlayStation 3/4/5

If you have a PlayStation of 3rd gen or above and want to watch Crunchyroll on it. The following step-by-step procedure will help with the same:

  1. To begin with, go to on an updated web browser.
  2. Next, log in to your account using Crunchyroll credentials.
  3. Download and install the Crunchyroll streaming app from your PlayStation application shop.
  4. Subsequently, launch the app and press the “Log-In” option.
  5. You’ll then get a unique activation code for your account registration.
  6. After that, visit, activate and substitute the code there to complete the process.
  7. Finally, you can now watch all the latest episodes of Crunchyroll on PlayStation effectively.

Activate Crunchyroll on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S / X

Activate Crunchyroll

Here is the comprehensive instruction to get Crunchyroll on Xbox devices:

  • Initially, get the Crunchyroll app from the Xbox app store.
  • After that, launch the app and press the “Log-In” option.
  • Consequently, you’ll get a unique activation code.
  • Now, on a secure browser, visit on your PC or mobile device.
  • There, log in to your Crunchyroll account.
  • Following that, enter Xbox activation codes, click “Submit,” and you are all set up for a Dragon Ball binge.

That sums up the Crunchyroll activation on the devices it is compatible with streaming. After the successful activation, you’ll be able to watch all the anime and other favorite Asian cartoons. Furthermore, this guide is assembled by TV Activate Help for informational purposes. Additionally, this site has more such directions for activation to proceed in the same manner.