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PBS, a public broadcasting program, was established in 1970. It provides millions of videos that are available for public use. This accessible streaming service supports a sizable audience and offers access to select premium content. Furthermore, you can activate it via on compatible streaming devices. Additionally, it provides several budget-friendly programs and initiatives that appeal to a variety of demographics. Moreover, it provides free trials so that you can check the caliber and content.


You may learn how to activate PBS to stream it on other devices through this guide by TV Activate Help. Below are the step-by-step instructions to follow to watch PBS on different mediums. 

PBS Account Creation

The PBS Video App requires a login to be activated on any streaming service. Therefore, to make one, adhere to the guidelines below:

PBS Supported Device

The following is a list of devices that are compatible with PBS. You can get a better streaming experience by using any of these.

Apple TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Samsung TV

Vizio TV

Sony TV

Panasonic TV

PS4 & PS5



Xbox One


Android & iOS Mobiles

How to Activate PBS on Smart TV?

By using the URL, you can quickly activate a PBS account on a Smart TV. The process for it goes like this: 

Activate PBS on Smart TV

Get Public Broadcasting Service on Android TV

To get PBS content on your Android TV, installing the application from the Google Play Store is first essential. 

After that, Adhere to the Below Prompts to Complete the Procedure:

Android TV

Activate PBS on Roku TV

Please follow the below details to activate your PBS streaming device on Roku TV:

Activate PBS Channel on Apple TV

This section has a step-by-step procedure to finish the channel activation on Apple TV. Follow them to get practical results. 

Public Broadcasting Service Channel on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

Public Channel on Amazon Firestick Fire TV

The process to access PBS Video App on Amazon Fire Stick users can go like this:

Activate PBS Video App and use those instructions and recommendations on other devices. For immediate results, please follow the preceding instructions.