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Showtime Anytime is an online video streaming service called Showtime Anytime that is accessible in the United States of America. Furthermore, the streaming service is available on a variety of streaming devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, Chromecasts, iPhones, and Roku. Moreover, if you have a Showtime membership, you can access thousands of content at no additional cost. If not, it offers a premium monthly membership like other streaming services. 


Showtime Anytime is offering new clients a free trial subscription at showtimeanytime/activate. Furthermore, you can activate this streaming service using this guide by TV Activate Help for more extensive use.  

Activate Showtime Anytime on your Device

The following is a demonstration of how to activate Showtime Anytime to get access to thousands of free channels. To learn more, adhere to them promptly:

  • Before starting, ensure to have a Showtime Anytime account for the activation process.
  • Next, in the “Application Store” of the device, look for the Showtime Anytime app.
  • Now, install the Showtime Anytime Streaming App on your device.
  • Then, use your smartphone to log into your Showtime Anytime account.
  • Following that, an activation code will show up on the screen.
  • After that, open a secure browser on your computer and navigate to code.
  • To proceed, kindly enter your login details.
  • Next, input your code in the necessary space.
  • Select a TV provider after that, then click the next button.
  • Consequently, you will have access to all of the content and, after doing so, be able to watch your favorite episodes.

Get Showtime Anytime on Roku

Adhere to the steps below to activate Showtime Anytime on Roku:

  • First, open the channel menu on your Roku and access the streaming service Showtime Anytime.
  • To start, activate the channel by opening the menu.
  • Choose a television provider next to rent movies and TV shows from them.
  • By inputting the code that you will see at, you can activate the service.
  • Therefore, launch a web browser, then go to
  • Enter your cable or live TV login information.
  • After that, select Roku Streaming Player from the Device drop-down menu.
  • Last but not least, key in your activation code and press Submit to complete activation.

Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick

Here is a straightforward way to enable Showtime on your Amazon Fire TV Stick: 

  • Start by looking for the streaming app in the Fire TV’s app store.
  • Next, click the Download icon to continue installing Showtime Anytime on your device.
  • Now, run the application and select “Register” from the screen to receive an activation code.
  • After opening activate, a window will appear where you can enter the Showtime Anytime activation code.
  • Complete the account sign-in process by choosing your TV cable provider and pressing the submit button.
  • The activation procedure is now finished. As a result, you can watch Showtime whenever.

This concludes the activation of Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire TV. Consequently, select the channel you want and start streaming your favorite shows and movies.

Get Showtime Anytime on Apple TV

This section covers the step-by-step instructions to activate Showtime Anytime on Apple TV. The procedure goes like this:

  • Start by going to your Apple TV’s “Channel Store.”
  • Next, look for the Showtime Anytime program there.
  • Now, open the application, then click “Activate.”
  • Select a cable TV provider or streaming service from the drop-down menu on the activation screen.
  • Following that, sign in to your account with the TV network provider to confirm your membership.
  • Click “Submit” after entering the Apple TV activation code at
  • With Showtime Anytime, you can now watch your favorite programs on your Apple TV.
Activate Showtime Anytime on Your PC

Any streaming service can be easily set up on a PC if you are running the latest OS version of it. The steps listed below should help you download Showtime to your computer:

  • To begin with, use a secure web browser to navigate to the official website.
  • Then, click the login link from the upper right corner of the website.
  • Subsequently, select a TV provider, then enter your login and password.
  • After that, click Sign in.
  • You can access Showtime Anytime to watch your preferred show after successfully logging in.

Activate Showtime Anytime on iOS & Android

It is relatively easy to activate any OTT platform on your smartphone. Thus, follow the downward activation process for Showtime Anytime:

  • First, install the Showtime Anytime app from your smartphone’s Play/App Store.
  • Next, launch the application and click on the “Play” button.
  • Now, select a cable or streaming TV service.
  • Choose your favorite TV provider, and then sign in using your credentials.
  • Following that, open a secure web browser on another device, and type in
  •  “ enter code.”
  • On the portal, enter the activation code in the text box, and click “Submit.”
  • The success notification appears on the screen once your Showtime Anytime accounts have been successfully activated on Android or iPhone.

With those instructions, activate Showtime Anytime and use it on all the devices it is compatible with steaming. Adhere to them as instructed to complete the procedure successfully. Additionally, follow the TV Activate Help site for more such activation guides for several streaming services.