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Tubi TV is a free online video hub of more than 35,000 movies and TV shows with 100+ local and live news stations to stream. The best on-demand video streaming service, Tubi TV, allows you free access to a huge selection of high-quality material. Furthermore, all you need is a login account to access all of the free entertainment. Additionally, it features the best streaming technology and an algorithm that may suggest content to you. Plus, you can stream it on other devices with


Here, on the site TV Activate Help, you can get an activation guide for Continue reading to learn the comprehensive directions for Tubi TV.

List of all Tubi Supported Devices

Here is a slew of all the devices that work seamlessly with Tubi TV for streaming. Pair your video service with any of the following devices for extensive use.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Apple TV

Sony TV

Samsung TV

Panasonic TV

Vizio TV






Android & iOS Mobiles

Create your Tubi Account

A login account for the service is required before enabling Tubi TV on any streaming device. Thus, follow the below guidelines to make one:

How to Activate Tubi TV?

Tubi TV is a one-of-a-kind service that allows users free access to thousands of content. The following are the general steps for activating Tubi TV.


Readers can Set it up on Other Devices by Following These Setup Instructions:

Activate Tubi TV

Where to Enter the Tubi TV Code?

The activation code for Tubi TV is a unique code that one requires to enable its streaming on other devices. To learn how to use that code, follow the below instructions:  

Enter the Tubi TV Code

Get Tubi TV on Roku

The process to install Tubi on your Roku TV is covered below. The procedure goes like this:

Activate Tubi TV on a Smart TV

Get Tubi TV on Apple TV

Follow these steps to enable Tubi TV on Apple TV:

Activate Tubi for Android TV

Activate Tubi for Android TV

The below directions will take you through the process of getting Tubi for your Android TV.

To use the URL to activate Tubi TV on your device, follow the above procedure and instructions promptly. TV Activate Help is an all-in-one guide site to activate OTT platforms on the devices they are compatible with. Along with that, you can get solutions to the related topic.