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- The Smart Way to Watch Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the leading streaming and exclusive subscription-based services. It allows customers to stream an infinite number of movies, TV episodes, sports, and Amazon original content. Furthermore, this streaming platform has several advantages and conveniences to using Amazon Prime Video. The videos are available for download so that you may watch them offline later. Moreover, you can receive notifications for videos that include your favorite actors and directors. Additionally, you can set up Prime Video on your Smart TV via for streaming movies and shows with your loved ones.   

However, a subscription is necessary to access all the spectacular films and well-liked TV programs. You can view your favorite movies on a variety of devices with Amazon. Watching Amazon Prime Video is accessible on a smartphone, but activating it on other compatible devices can be tricky. Henceforth, TV Activate Help provides informative and concise guides to access your subscription on different devices. 

Register your Device on Amazon via

To use a streaming device for Prime Video, it is essential first to register a device and create a log in. Therefore, follow the below prompts for the same:

Steps to Activate "" on Smart TV

Steps to Activate Amazon/mytv on Smart TV​

How to Enter Sign-in Code?

To learn how and where to use, enter the code and follow the below directions. 

How to Register for Amazon Prime Video on Roku TV?
Amazon Prime Video Features

Following are a few features of Amazon Prime Video that adds more to your streaming experience: 

Amazon Prime offers a 30-day Trial

Before your account is charged for the services, you can enjoy 30-days of free streaming:   

Supported Devices for Amazon on TV